Tashi Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Business Savvy, Inc., A Business Consulting Firm for Nonprofit Organizations. Her passion came from her own personal experience and her goal is to help nonprofit organizations reach their fullest potential. Tashi started a nonprofit organization back in 2007 and knew very little information about what it meant and didn't know where to start. After conducting extensive research, investing in coaching from other organizations, and taking legal classes with the emphasis on Nonprofit. She wishes to not only provide the services needed to enhance nonprofits, but she also wishes to educate as many as she can, so they will experience the full benefits of holding a tax exempt status. 


Our firm's goal is is to help you build, grow and maintain your business by strategizing, organizing and globalizing. We have over 10 years of business building experience, coupled with 8 year of experience working in the non-profit sector, so we bring to you expertise, education and know how. The only businesses that don't grow are the ones who need help and never ask for it. 


Our Vision is help you get on the right track with your business to yield a lifetime of success. I have a business motto, "I'm in business to stay in business". That means I am not looking for any quick fixes or easy way out. I want to put in the work necessary to get the results I'm looking for. We feel the same way about our clients. We will put in the necessary work to get you the results you are looking for. 




Business Consulting Firm For Nonprofits

Business Savvy, Inc.