We are phasing out our Book Publishing Services by the end of this year, but we are still accepting new clients. We have phased out all of our packages and have only one package to offfer. The details are listed below.



BSI is a self publishing company. You pay for the services, we do all of the work and you keep 100% of the Royalties, including 100% ownership of your copyright. We strive to work promptly, efficiently and professionally to deliver to you an eye catching product. Our self publishing services is one of a kind. Many companies have astronomical upfront fees, long contracts and royalty ties, which are all negative aspects of contracted publishing. BSI Publishing House has one set fee and you pay nothing more.  We do all the work, while you work on your marketing strategies and prepare to sell. Our turnaround time 60 days minimun and 90 days maximum from the day you submit your manuscript. Price: $499

***We do have a 50/50 payment option. Please call us for more details.


Includes: Publications, Copyright, Editing & Formatting, 1 Book Cover,  

1 Announcement Flyer, 1 Vertical Retractable Banner, Book will be on

(Paperback and eBook) Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook),  

(iPad) and Ingram for other eReaders. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE PLEASE EMAIL YOUR MANUSCRIPT TO bsavvyinc@yahoo.com (up to 200 page manuscipt in 6 x 9 format. Anything over 200 pages will be an additional $100 fee) Our editing process does not entail any major reconstructing of sentences, so if you need extra help with that, please specify it when you send us your manuscript. 

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