Thank you for inquiring about nonprofit services. Below, you can find the details of the package. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to consult you from beginning to end. 

Build My NonProfit


Building your nonprofit is easier than you think. This package is designed for those who are just starting out. This package includes the IRS's processing fee to become 501c3 certified and your state fee up to $150. To get started with growing your nonprofit, click on the link below to make the purchase. Price: $875 


  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization

  • Bylaws

  • EIN

  • 501c3 Certification & All Attachments

  • SAM Registration

  • Duns#


***If your organization has been registered with your state for more than 2 years, or if you're a Church, your fee structure will be different, so please give us a call before purchasing this package.  






I got Tashi Robinson to do my 501c3 at the end of 2013. I didn't send in until the end of June 2014. The Lord spoke to me and said. ," Your paperwork is Moving up".A prophet confirmed and said someone paperwork is being Moved up in a church service. Some people told me that there paperwork had been submitted for 2 years and it takes a long time. I received my paperwork the next month July 28, 2014 less that 90 days after sending it in. Won't He do it. Apostle Tashi Robinson is anointed for this. ~Pastor Diana Williams


The 501c3 process was very intimidating for me because of all the details that are required. Likewise, I wanted to make sure that the process would be accurate and efficient. The only hard thing about the process was the wait. I appreciate Business Savvy, Inc. for making the process effortless to me. ~Ona C. Miller


God is GOOD!! My determination (acceptance) letter for my 501c3 arrived today!!! This is going to open so many doors for us to be able to serve those in our community. I can't wait! I Thank God, for using you as a vessel. ~Tomica King-Jackson


What I thought was going to take 12 months only took 6 weeks. Thank you so much for completing my 501c3. ~Melanie Lester




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